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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make That First (Good) Impression

In the year 2000, I was a fresh graduate struggling to find my place in the corporate world. Having studied in one of those colleges in the Philippines that specialize in Accountancy and Business Administration, we were taught that the one of the most important factors in getting yourself a job or a business deal is by making a good first impression with potential employers and potential business partners.

To my surprise, I found out that a small piece of paper can do wonders in making a good first impression- that is, by handing out nicely written business cards during interviews, business deals, or even mere acquaintances.

Looking back, I always admire people who have their own personal business cards ready to be given to potential employers and business partners. That is because to me, a person that has his/her own business card appears to be very professional and has had actually reached a certain milestone in their careers. Even in my first corporate office, only those who are in managerial positions have their own business cards.

These papers may be small, but business cards actually tells a lot about you on first acquaintance. This is because business cards inform other people about the nature of your work or the nature of the business you are into. In the future, people may use the business cards for reference, whenever they need your service.

As a fine example, my brother, who is a contractor of buildings and houses, makes it a habit of not leaving the house without at least five business cards in his wallet. During social gatherings and meetings, he would hand-out these business cards to other people. The results? He has already constructed at least three (3) residential houses in posh villages out of those to whom he had given business cards.

You need not worry about what you should put into your business cards. There are wonderful companies that specialize in creating the cards that will suit your need. There are loads of layouts to choose from, but of course, you can customize by giving your company logo, or your own personalized design.

So remember, when you mean business, always make sure you have a handy business card in your pocket. Hand them out, and make a good first impression among your business acquaintances.

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