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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Mexican Traditional Way of Cooking

It is not surprising that different races (or nations) have their own different set of materials and equipments used in cooking their food. While now, technology has provided us with gas stoves, electric stoves, ovens, electric grills, etc., it is still interesting to learn about how our ancestors are able to cook their food.

In the Philippines (South-east of Asia), for example, tribes were able to cook rice using bamboos. In fact, this method of cooking is still being thought during youth campings. They also have what they call 'kalan', a tripod made of clay wherein twigs and woods are being placed in order to create fire for cooking.

A Mexican friend shared to me that during the early days (hundred or even thousand years ago), their Mexican ancestors were using chimineas to cook their food. I have to admit to him that I have never seen one in my entire life, and so he was eager enough to surf the internet and sent me a sample picture.

Just like the 'kalan' from the Philippines, the original chiminea is made of clay. This is because clays are easy to find in Mexico. Historical stories tell us that whenever a chiminea breaks down, cracks or falls apart, the people will just have to go to river banks and scoop clays to repair the damage.

Because of their beautiful and artistic designs, chimineas became popular export products in the United States and in the United Kingdom because aside from cooking, they are good ornaments outside the house and in the gardens.

However, since clays easily wear off, manufacturers are now introducing chimineas that are made of iron. A very popular example is the Leaf Cast Iron Chiminea.

With the introduction of new equipments (stoves, ovens) used for cooking, the chiminea is now instead used as a Portable Fireplace outside houses. They are perfect whenever groups would want to gather together and share the night away. And because new models are now made up of iron/metals, chimineas become an instant source of fire to provide heat and comfort among people.


For best results in using chimineas, you may want to use woods that give aromatic scents when burned, like pinonwood.

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