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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Under The Tree

Back when we were yet small children, we used to have a small Rope Hammock installed under a big guava tree in our frontyard. It has always been a delight for us to be playing and chatting along under that old guava tree.

However, when our parents decided to renovate the front lawn, we were left with no option but to remove the tree.

T0day, whenever we take a time off and go to the beach, I never pass the chance of laying my body in one of those colorful Fabric Hammocks placed under the coconut trees alongside the seashore. There were numerous occassions where I just lay in a hammock to watch the sun set. It was truly a very relaxing experience. Those are rare times wherein you just lie there and not think of any worries and cares. Moreso, those were opportunities to meditate and remember the Lord's goodness in our lives.

Hammocks are very popular especially in tropical countries because they make good accessories on beaches. There are various types to choose from. There are Rope Hammocks, Fabric Hammocks, and there are also Weave Hammocks, any of which can also be placed outside our houses for great relaxing experiences whenever we want or feel the need to- and this is what we actually plan to have in our ancestral house.

We are negotiating and are actually intending to buy the lot nearby our house. Since we intend to convert our ancestral house to become a vacation place, we want to convert the extra lot as a garden extension. Among the immediate plans are to put up a small nipa hut (a house made of wood and nip). My father, who has a green thumb, would of course love to put on some trees and ornaments. Also, we are alloting a specific place to put on a Rope Hammock because we also want to go back to the time when we were children playing under the big old guava tree.

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