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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

National Geographic's Top Travel Destinations 2010

The National Geographic has released its list of the Top 25 Best New Trips for 2010- and good news to us, The Philippines is included on the list among the top travel destinations in the world!

Indeed, who can dispute that our country is beautiful and is rich with natural resources?

So for all you nature lovers and all of you who love to travel, here is the list of the 25 must-see places in 2010 (alphabetical order):

Bhutan Outfitter: Bio Bio Expeditions
Bolivia Outfitter: Nantahala Outdoor Center
Botswana Outfitter: Explore Inc
Canada - B.C. Outfitter: Monashee Adventure Tours
Canada - Manitoba Outfitter: Earthwatch Institute
Chile + Argentina Outfitter: Boojum Expeditions
Costa Rica Outfitter: Wildland Adventures
France Outfitter: Discover France
Iceland Outfitter: Explorers' Corner
Ireland Outfitter: Country Walkers
Kenya Outfitter: Geographic Expeditions
Laos Outfitter: Asia Transpacific Journeys
Madagascar Outfitter: Kumuka Worldwide
Montserrat Outfitter: Green Monkey Dive Shop
Nepal Outfitter: Journeys International
New Zealand Outfitter: Active New Zealand
Peru Outfitter: Adventure Life Journeys
Philippines Outfitter: Wilderness Travel
Slovakia Outfitter: Biosphere Expeditions
Sri Lanka Outfitter: Access Trips
Tanzania + Kenya Outfitter: Tropical Ice Limited
Tonga Outfitter: Wilderness Travel
U.S. - California Outfitter: Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides
U.S. - Colorado Outfitter: Western Spirit Cycling
U.S. - Idaho + Montana Outfitter: ROW Adventures

Congratulations to the Philippines!

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