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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Of Triumph And Defeat

(photo: photobucket)

What a weekend that was for the Filipino.

While basketball still remains to be the most played sports over the country, boxing has clearly made its way to be one of the most watched game in our television-proper credits given to Manny Pacquiao, who recently won over Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto via a technical knockout in Round 12.

How sweet it is for the nation to see our champion being accorded the highest degree of respect in the world of boxing. Considered as the reigning pound for pound king, Pacquiao is said to have written history to become the First Boxer to win seven (7) Titles in different weight division-something no one has ever achieved.

And not only has Pacquiao become triumphant. The Filipino spirit is once again uplifted by the triumph of its most prized fighter on Sunday morning of November 15, 2009.


Unknown to many, however, on Saturday night and the day before Pacquiao steps into the ring, another budding Filipino Boxer in the name of Z Gorres, has suffered Triumph and Defeat at Las Vegas, Nevada. Minutes after winning a convincing bout, Gorres was rushed to a hospital when a swelling in his brain got him to a comatose.

As of today, the fate of Gorres is uncertain.

Triumph. Defeat. Tragedy. Boxing remains, and has now become a popular option for uneducated children in the provinces to get a shot at fame and fortune. Much like their hero Pacquiao.

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