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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Heat Is On!

Getting our clan together for a night would be a very rare occassion. This is because it is very difficult for us to meet our schedules for a particular day. This year, however, we are hoping on having a family/clan reunion come Christmas day at our ancestral house, so we have started on getting our schedules fixed since June 2009. As most of our cousins and relatives have confirmed that they are coming, our parents, who are living near the clan's ancestral house, have also started fixing up the place and checking on how we can best accomodate our relatives, specially those who are coming from abroad.

One particular issue that we still have to resolve is that since the start of September, an abrupt change in the climate has happened in our area. We are experiencing cold weather, so we are contemplating on setting up an Outdoor Heater in the gardens. This is to make everyone feel comfortable even as we sit and relax outside the home.

As you may have read in my previous posts, barbecues are always a part of our dinner menu, so we really will have to set up grill and do our cooking outside. Also, since we are expecting many relatives, it would be most practical if we will be setting up the dinner table outside, where there is more space for everybody. A Patio Heater every table must have to be set up in order to ensure that everyone will be kept warm during the occassion.

Patio Heaters may be a little bit uncommon in our area, but really, they are a good use specially in countries where they have a very cold weather. But with the unexplainable climate changes happening around the world, the cold weather has suddenly come unto our region, and we have no choice but to adjust and make sure that everyone among us deserve a comfortable accomodation.

There are various types of Patio Heaters, and really, I was surprised to see that they are actually not that expensive. In fact, there are types that are sold even for less than 200 Dollars in the internet. So why must we suffer from cold weather when we can turn the heat on and enjoy a very precious moment with our families?


Advanced Merry Christmas, everyone!

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